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The Team at Branching Out Support Services aims to offer the highest quality services to families in Dufferin County and beyond. We know this starts with value based leadership, team work and a dedication to putting people first.

We value the dignity and worth of all humans.

We value inclusion and diversity.

We value choice and will empower all members of our community to exercise their choices.

We value open communication and integrity in that communication.

We value open communication and integrity in that communication.

We value community and the importance of relationships.

We value social justice and dedicate ourselves to this cause.

At Branching Out it is our daily responsibility and joy to serve people who have neurodiversities and their families. We do this with community, choice and creativity. We are committed to creative care solutions, recreation and social programming, 1:1 support and day programming. Join us as we make our community inclusive for all.

Meet the BOSS Team

Kimberly Van Ryn

Kimberly Van Ryn

Kimberly Van Ryn, CYW, RYT, BA Human Services Founder Kim started her career as a Child and Youth Worker in foster and adoptive care. After a short break from the human services field she returned to work in day services with adults with neuro diversities and found her true calling. Over the past years of professional development Kim has attained her BA in Human Services with honors, her Trauma Informed Care and Counselling certificate and studied the Spell to Communicate method to work more deeply with non-speaking people. She is also expanding into teaching at local colleges and agencies about neuro diversity, trauma, valued roles and the social enterprise model. With her team, Kim opened the doors to Branching Out Support Services and it's been quite the journey ever since! The growth and learning has been exponential and based deeply in the community, which is right where Kim wants to be and where she finds her greatest flow and alignment. When not engaging with BOSS and the CommonFare Kitchen Kim loves teaching yoga, riding her bike, roller skating, playing in the garden, making holistic body products tending to her plants.
Branching Out Support Services-Sara Clarke

Sara Clarke

Sara Clarke, DSW Executive Director I have been with BOSS since it was just a dream during the planning stages. As a Mother of a child with neurodiversity, I wanted to create a positive, safe, and encouraging place for individuals to build skills, enjoy organic relationships, and have fun while reaching their own goals and creating their own path. I’m so thankful our team can bring ideas to life and build services to support our community and beyond. I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals with neurodiversities through the education system, Community Living, the Town of Orangeville, programs for youth, and community projects. I graduated on the Dean’s List from the Developmental Services Worker program at Loyalist College. I’m honoured to be the Executive Director at Branching Out Support Services. I have a passion for continued personal and professional development, building forward thinking community connections, and creating belonging for everyone. I’m an advocate for disability rights and a strong believer in providing lots of opportunities and choices. I love supporting people to gain skills for independence and self-advocacy while boosting confidence. These are the keys for gaining valued roles and leading enriched, meaningful lives. I’m a Personal Support Network Facilitator, and a Safe Relationships and Healthy Sexuality Facilitator. I have completed training in creating diversity and equity in communities. I 'm certified in mental health first aid and committed to bringing awareness and reducing stigma around mental health. I’m a member of The Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities and The International Social Role Valorization Association. I’m a Mom of three fierce and beautiful children who hold my heart and keep me on my toes. My high school sweetheart still has me laughing with his witty personality after all these years. I love a huge variety of music, being in nature, a good cup of coffee or tea, and sharing life with family, friends, our BOSS Tribe, and my sidekick Poodle named Harmony.

Tabi Young

Tabi Young Day Services Facilitator Tabi started her career as a Child Youth Worker and found her passion working with adults in the neurodiverse community. Tabi has been in the role of supporting others for over 14 years. She is very excited to be joining the Day Services opportunities at BOSS. She feels deeply this is right where she is meant to be, being able to help people to choose their path and achieve the most out of life is her calling. Tabi strives to continue life long learning and advocacy. She has completed Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Awareness as well as completing Fundamentals of Palliative Care. She has provided support to people of all ages throughout her career and she has seen the importance of advocacy at every age. When not working, Tabi enjoys adventures camping, hiking, and traveling. She is always changing up her hobbies to learn things and can't forget spending time with family.
Branching Out Support Services-Carly Baker

Carly Baker

Carly Baker Day Services Facilitator Back in 2020 when I was doing my co-op at Humber College in Orangeville for the SSW program, I had the opportunity to come to BOSS for my placement and I have been here since then. I am now a part of our day services program. I'm grateful to be apart of a team of kind, caring, fun, safe, clever, respectful individuals who not only support each other, but our whole community as well. I enjoy the meaningful work, opportunities and adventures that our team encounters. My two life passions are supporting people and helping animals in general, I strive to learn as much as I can in both areas. I love doing various kinds of art and nature hobbies such as: vegetable gardening, painting, boating, power tool crafts, wood burning, learning about insects, etc. and I enjoy bringing those hobbies into BOSS to share with our friends. I spend my free time with my 8 beautiful furry animal companions, 3 tanks of fish companions, a giant millipede friend and a lovely colony of kingworms that sometimes morph into beetle friends.
Branching Out Support Services

James Loughran

James Loughran Lead Male Mentor James graduated from the Social Services Worker Program at Canadore College and found his true calling within the neuro diverse community. James has worked for a number of organizations as a front-line support worker over the last 12 years of his career. James is passionate about real world learning, mentoring, and being present for people in all experiences of their lives. James loves the outdoors, recreational and social adventures and sharing his passion for music, video games, art, animals and exploring with every person he engages with. In his role as male mentor at Branching Out Support Services James focuses his therapeutic work on mentoring men in their independent living skills, social interactions and daily living tasks. James has an incredible knack for connection and support in mentoring situations that participants align with. James has been an essential presence at BOSS since the day it was a sparkle in our eyes. Not only is he the company’s lead male mentor and Guy’s Mentoring Group lead, he also works hard in the Passport Department, maintenance onsite at BOSS, supporting staff, organizing events, does hours of 1:1 support and drives. Most importantly James believes in the dream of a community without labels where we all belong. Above and beyond all the work he does for and with BOSS – he’s the glue that holds it all together. “I am, We are, All things, One.” ~JPL~
Branching Out Support Services-Jess Plourde

Jess Plourde

Jess Plourde Lead Culinary Support Professional “I have always had a passion for food, community, and inclusion. Having the opportunity to combine culinary innovation, and community support is a dream come true.” Jess does hours of one on one support in the community, and leads The Granola Project: By CommonFare Kitchen; a social enterprise creating a supported workplace for individual’s with neuro diversities. Above all, Jess believes in creating equal opportunities for all members of our community. “My goal for “The Granola Project” is to mentor our team; teach them skills I’ve learned over the years, help build their knowledge and resume, and prepare them to be the best they can in their work environment. Our granola team teaches me everyday, they lead each other, and I can’t wait to see them succeed in their careers!” Jess has worked in industrial kitchens for over a decade, and gained the knowledge and skills needed to share with others; but has always dedicated time to her Branching Out Support Services team! From “Campfire Jam Sessions” (music therapy), to dance parties, she never misses an opportunity to put a smile on someones face.
Branching Out Support Services-42


Chris is a Cook at the Commonfare Kitchen Chris enjoys helping his team every week, he is always one step ahead. Wether it’s counting the scoops of oats, walking to gather ingredients, or stamping the packing, he always has a calm cool and collected work ethic. In addition to that, he has a smile on his face! This creative individual even made a granola chant: “Granola, yea yea YEA!” He encourages his team and is a great leader. Q: “What is your favourite part of making granola?” A: “Grab the ingredients!” Q: “What ingredient is your favourite to do?” A: Turkish apricots Chris has the recipe down pat! He goes above and beyond when setting up our kitchen space for the day, and never hesitates to remind his team of the next step in the baking process. When his team is putting the granola in the oven, Chris always has his cutting board set up to slice the apricots; his routine is incredible! Q: “How does working with ‘The Granola Project’ make you feel?” A: “Happy!” Q: “Why?” A: “Making granola with friends, ya!”
Rev. Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker (They/Them) comes from a diverse background of experiences. While working as a youth pastor they started noticing a high percentage of autistic students attending their youth group. The same thing happened at their next two churches, and everything started to click after they were themselves diagnosed with autism in their 30's. As a late diagnosed autistic person Jeff brings a unique insight into the support needs of both neurodiverse people and their families. Jeff serves as the Community Support Professional Coordinator for BOSS and works diligently pairing BOSS participants and families with dedicated and qualified 1:1 Community Support Professionals. In their spare time Jeff likes to hang out with their awesome spouse and kids, and focus on various art projects including animation, digital painting, and creating comics.
Branching Out Support Services-Jess


DAKOTA: Project Lead CFK Q:“What do you like the most about making granola?” A: “I just like mixing the ingredients all together, measuring them too, and seeing it all done”-DM Dakota has a keen eye for levelling her measurements, and double checking that she has added the right amount; she provides stability to her team by sticking to the recipe! Q: “How would you describe yourself when working with ‘The Granola Project’?” A: “A leader!” Q: “What is your favourite task to lead?” A: “Counting the cups of ingredients and getting the pans ready to bake.” Dakota is an exceptional leader among her peers, and it certainly shows in the kitchen. She is always first to gather used dishes, grab the broom, or move to the next step of the baking process. Not only is she a hard worker, but she always knows when to have fun; Dakota loves listening to music during cleaning, and never hesitates to join in on singing with us!

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