Architect Style Day Services

Architect Style Day Services Brings Empowerment to the Participants

Architect Day Services

Designing and beginning the Architect style of day services has been rewarding for our community. At this point in time a lot of people now understand the WHY of Branching Out: we exist to provide choice-based support and advocacy with our neuro diverse community members. Since we understand our why, it follows to take a bit of a deeper dive into HOW we provide these opportunities that we are so proud of and believe people will benefit from.

When we talk about empowered program choices it means that everyone in the space has a voice and a valued role. At Architect the participants and the support professionals work as a team to collaborate in planning for the group. Here’s what one of our fabulous facilitators, Tabi had to say:

“The Crew has worked together and created their choice of programming for February. When we were discussing as a group, we found that each of us has a special interest we would like to teach others about. From this came that idea that we would do “teaching afternoons”. First up in February, K is going to teach us how to make paper airplanes and we just might have a flying competition too. Following the airplane theme, on another afternoon M will be teaching us how to draw airplanes. N of course will be sharing her art skills with us closer to the end of the month, it’s still a surprise what we will be creating with her. We already have future dates booked for others to teach us new skills as well, stay tuned for those.”

We all read this and think, “Wow, can I join?”

That’s when we know we are creating something beautiful.

Empowered services bring the focus, the “why”, the evaluation and the triumph back to the service users. Empowered services ask questions, holds transparent communication dear and honors the process above the outcome.

We know this is not what services users have always experienced in developmental services in the past and we aim to change that legacy. We didn’t always do day service this way, it’s ok to admit that and be real about it. Our teams at BOSS ascribe to the notion that when you know better, you have the choice to do better – and we are embracing that with all our hearts.

Interested in bringing more empowered services to your organization call us. We have workshop opportunities available and can take your team on a journey into choice, creativity and community.

Onward, Kim and The BOSS Team.

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