BOSS Tools for Accessibility and Support

BOSS Tools

Here you will find a list of items that the BOSS team suggests to aid in accessibility and for support.

Some links below may contain links to affiliate programs and if you follow the link and make a purchase BOSS may earn an affiliate commission.  All revenue will be used to further support neurodiverse programs in our community.

Black Latex Gloves

Using black latex gloves keeps things respectful and discreet.  A very handy item for caregivers to always have nearby.

TEAL double handled mug

Support motor skills, hand tremors or need for more stability while drinking.

WHITE double handled mug

Support motor skills, hand tremors or need for more stability while drinking.


Support motor skills, hand tremors or need for more stability while drinking


For people who need comprehensive relief from sound due to sensory defensiveness


For a disposable lower lever protection from noise overwhelm


To assist with magnification


To assist with vision barriers

MATTE Laminating Sheets

Supports a no-glare reading experience for those who have sight or sensory needs

LARGE PRINT playing cards

To support visual needs

LARGE PRINT color by number

Adult designs with more visual support

ADULT wipes

Great for travelling, discrete and adult oriented for respect and dignity

Reach Grabber

To extend reach, gripping strength, helps with getting things from different levels with less bending, helpful for people who get dizzy when bending over as well.

Sock and Pant Support

To allow for more independent dressing and self care

Adult Fidget Cube

Discrete and adult design if needed for anxiety reduction, focus and sensory support


Universal Handle

Added grip, control and security on every day items

Walking Cane with Fold Down seat

For more support while waiting in line, at outdoor or indoor events without enough seating, stability while maneuvering the body

Shoe Horn Stick

To support independent dressing

Bluelight glasses

To support glare, eye fatigue and sensory support

Fidget Spinner rings

Adult designs for focus, anxiety reduction, sensory support

Adult Sensory Necklaces

For anxiety reduction, focus and sensory needs; Silicone is safe to be in or around the mouth and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with hot water.

Rocker Knife

To support independent eating with fine and gross motor support

Kinetic sand for Adults

Sensory support

Adult Visual Sensory Support

Alexa Echo SHOW

Has a visual screen, is voice activated and can be set up with alarms, phone numbers, smart house features