New Year… Get Clear!

a Person smiling

We spent quite a bit of time in December in celebration for 2 years of all things BOSS! What a wonderful time to look back at where we have come from, how we have grown and really spend as much energy as possible in gratitude. We were so happy to connect with our neighbors this month, collect toys for Family Transition Place, eat cake and generally enjoy our relationships. The past 2 years have resulted in countless friendships and circles of support and there is so much to be thankful for in that. We are a community blessed.

Now we sit at the apex of a new year. This is typically a time for resolutions or intentions to be set to guide the direction of the voyage called life. As I personally reflected on the intentions, we have for BOSS over the next year I can see clearly that there are some exciting new projects and new endeavors in front of us – it’s exciting! But I can also see that in our intention and goal setting some very fundamental things about BOSS don’t need to change.

As we move forward, we re-dedicate ourselves to our cause: to offer choice, belonging and social justice for all members of our community. I inspected our vision statement which talks about creating safe spaces and empowered opportunities for all people and I believe that we are 100% CLEAR on this aspect of our community service.

There are a lot of conflicting messages that exist out there in the world that proport to tell us that bigger and flashier is “better”, that the constant strive for “more” is worth it. In our effort towards clarity for the new year we are highly committed to looking inside our hearts for the worthy places for expansion and also the places to continue development without rushing a process. This year has leant us an incredible amount of learning as to where to lean in and where to pause…. and enjoy the ride.

Getting clear on priorities, growth and nurturing is a progression that involves a lot of people, a lot of feedback and a lot of time and energy. This is how we engage in the depth of community, how we nurture an ongoing structure that encourages the flow needed to be sustainable, holistic and impactful. These are big ideas that exist in the foundations of a strong vision for service – the ideas that march forward with us into the year 2022 and the ideas we are so pleased to share with you.

From our BOSS family to yours: we send intentions of light in the darkness, stability during rocky times and circles of support to soften your journey. We are so glad to be travelling into this new year with YOU.