Why B Corp

Why B Corp?

Why B Corp?

In the spring of 2023, after a long application process, Branching Out was selected to receive an Investment Readiness Program funding stream that is allowing us to work on some infrastructure projects to strengthen our position in the social impact sector. This is big work for a little organization, but ever ready to adventure into the unknown, we jumped in.

Part of this journey is leading us down the road of a B Corporation Accreditation. https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/  The “B” in this combination of words means “benefit”. The B Corp accreditation is a lengthy process that ensure that as a social impact business (that is also a corporation) we have the highest ethical and environmental standards possible. Our business is measured against global benchmarks and gives us great pathways for growth, development and change making.

But, why does this accreditation mean something to BOSS? 

It’s important as a grass roots social enterprise business that we have guidance, supervison and deep processes to make sure our service to our beneficiaries is ethical and it ensures equity amongst stakeholders. And who are our stakeholders? YOU! 

There are many, many humans involved with BOSS and all of those humans are deeply important to us – that’s why we have a human services business. It matters not if you receive service, volunteer, work for or cheer for BOSS – you belong. This accreditation checks that policy, procedures, financials, employee treatment, volunteer engagement, community accountability, environmental responsibility and ethical action are ALWAYS at the front of our practice. It is a quality control and it is a road map.

I hope that BOSS will soon be among the worldwide leaders that have this certification. As a small organization with A LOT to learn, this is one of the tools we are using to change the world. Joining forces with other who use business as a catalyst for change and a springboard for good work in the world.

We will keep you posted on our journey,

Kim and Team.