Why We Volunteer

Good afternoon,
We sat down as a group and started talking about the Foodbank and ways we volunteer there. Nicole quickly realized we all volunteer in different ways. She notes that she isn’t here at BOSS Wednesdays when the crew goes to the Foodbank. But she creates food drives at BOSS for the Foodbank like,
“toiletries in 2022 and spices before Christmas.” She pointed out.
Shaelyn and Lindsay said they help volunteer by collecting items for the drives. They also like to help by handing out flyers to local businesses.
Sarah feels happy when she gets to volunteer at the Foodbank Garden, knowing that by weeding the vegetables the food grows bigger and gets shared with people who need it.
Chris, Cass, Michael, and Shaan-e-abbas always enjoy going to the warehouse location at 3 Commerce Road every Wednesday afternoon. Here they sort, organize, date check, restock, and “my favorite Kid Zone snack packs. Makes me feel happy.” Chris says. “I like knowing the kids get snacks here” Shaan-e-
abbas said.
When we talked about everyone’s different roles there was one thing in common that we all do and that is we talk to world about the Foodbank and our communities need. After discussing we also realized “we
have a big important job. Not one person can do it all.” “It’s a team effort” Nicole agreed.
Right now, we have a back-to-school drive happening for Family Transition Place. Donations are being accepted at 5 First Street. However, we hope to have a drive for the Foodbank before Christmas. Keep watch for new flyers coming soon, says the crew.

HELPING AT THE Orangeville Food Bank