Branching Out Support Services Unveils Groundbreaking Mental Health Platform


Branching Out Support Services Unveils Groundbreaking Mental Health Platform

Orangeville, Ontario.  February 12, 2024 — Branching Out Support Services (BOSS), a grass roots social enterprise offering services for adults with neurodiversities, is proud to announce the official launch of its revolutionary mental health platform. The platform is set to transform the landscape of mental health support by providing a cohesive and comprehensive trauma informed solution for neurodiverse individuals seeking mental well-being.

Scheduled for release on February 12th, BOSS has meticulously designed their mental health platform to address the unique needs of neurodiverse individuals and their support networks. The platform aims to offer a holistic approach to mental health, combining innovative online technology with personalized support to empower users on their journey to wellness.

Our mission is to provide accessible, inclusive, and compassionate care through the BOSS Mental Health Platform. By embracing neurodiversity and trauma-informed care, we aim to empower individuals to thrive in their unique cognitive profiles while offering caregivers and professionals the tools and resources they need to provide holistic support.

At BOSS, we are driven by a resolute goal: to reshape the landscape of traditional mental health support. We believe in embracing neurodiversity as a natural and valuable part of human variation. Our vision is to provide accessible, compassionate, and tailored mental health solutions using a trauma-informed approach. We are committed to challenging outdated beliefs and approaches, recognizing that each neurodiverse individual is unique, and their mental health support should reflect this individuality.

Branching Out  believes that mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being and is committed to breaking down barriers to access support. The launch of Branching Out Support Services marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to make quality mental health resources available to a broader audience.

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Branching Out Support Services Inc was founded in 2019 by a small but mighty group of support professionals working at the grassroots level. Our determined mission was to provide community, creativity and choice to people with neuro diversities and disabilities in our region. As BOSS has grown into an established social enterprise on the cusp of a BCorp Certification we have put down roots but also grown our service base to provide comprehensive support for people with brain differences.


BOSS has 4 streams of service used to support people and families and make a difference in the world. Our beloved flagship programming for adults with neuro diversities in downtown Orangeville, ON is called Architect Programming and it allows adults to design their lives with support, guidance and mentorship. In the 1:1 Community Support program we see people connecting with professionals and facilitators to achieve their goals and give families the rest they need to be excellent caregivers. In the education and advocacy department groups, municipalities and organizations are contracting BOSS to learn about Neurodiversity in Community and Trauma Informed Care and Leadership. This has been the most impactful advocacy work we have done to date. Finally, the launch of the Mental Health and Wellness services brings our offerings full circle in a wrap around style of support that keeps choice and communication support as highest potential outcomes.


Over the past 4 years Branching Out Support Services has dedicated time, energy and innovation to our local community. Often, the experience with BOSS is outside the box, a new and aligned way of serving people who have been so deeply marginalized and shut out over the course of history. Our support professionals and practitioners are dedicated to listening to the needs of our community and filling gaps to provide holistic and innovative support to every member of our local and global community.