Walk The Walk

Walk the Walk

As we gear up with our fundraising and awareness for the Orangeville Foodbank’s annual “Coldest Night of the Year” fundraiser it’s got us thinking about walking(LINK FOR FUNDRAISER??). There’s a good reason why we raise money and then still show up to walking a route that shows our commitment to ending hunger in this community forever. We all know the saying “Do you just talk the talk, or do you walk the walk?”

Walking the walk (and I use this COMPLETELY METAPHORICALLY now, as I am aware many people in our community use assistive devices to mobilize around spaces and places) means showing up for what you said you would, it means being good on your word and embodying the commitment you made to something.

And walking the walk might just be an act of revolution – because it’s a hard thing to do sometimes. Walking the walk requires that we examine our values, ideals and capacities – it makes us look at our truth.

The BOSS team has been digging deep this winter. We put a “Stakeholder Survey” in front of you and took the feedback and results very seriously. We have looked at our mission, vision, practices and powered through challenges to apply for grants, certifications and implement strategic planning. All of those activities are “talking the talk”: deciding what it is we want to be in the world and how we want to make change.

But next, oh, but next, we continue to walk the walk – with a bounce in our step. In February we will be bringing a new service to the community that fills a gap in mental health support for neurodivergent people and their support circles. The day service Architect program continues to absolutely shine with their collaborative community volunteering and engagement. On the advocacy and education side of BOSS we have seen a huge level of engagement from municipalities and corporations desiring education in Neuro-Inclusivity and Trauma Informed Leadership.

Hey 2024, we are here to let you know that this year – we walk the walk.

See you in the community,

Kim and the BOSS Team.